Harde Diploma in Human Resource Management

Diploma in Human Resource Management


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  • Must be a continuous member throughout enrollment of: Entrepreneurs and Corporate Professionals Learning Community.
  • 500-words personal essay discussing professional goals
  • Proof of High School Diploma or Equivalent copy
  • Photo ID: (one of the following documents must be submitted)
    • Passport
    • Driver’s license
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The Diploma in Human Resource Management program is intended for Human Resource practitioners specialising in Training and Development, who wish to enhance their careers in Human Resource Management Practice.

The course covers topics such as recruitment, organizational behaviour, employee relations/ training and employment development allowing for debate on the importance of the HR function and whether HR needs to be linked directly to organisational structure to work effectively.

Program Duration: 6 Months

Total Credits: 30 Credits

Complete 100% of program courses through online study

Required Courses

Course No Course Name Total Credits
HRM 121 Workplace Learning and Human Resource Management 3
HRM 132 Developing Strategic HRM Plans 3
HRM 143 Diversity and Multiculturalism 3
HRM 154 Recruitment 3
HRM 165 Interviewing and Selection 3
HRM 176 Compensation Planning 3
HRM 187 Retention and Motivation 3
HRM 198 Managing Employee Performance 3
HRM 219 Organizational Behavior Employee Development 3
HRM 220 Business Partner Dynamics 1.5
HRM 299 Case Study 1.5