Harde Diploma in Social Entrepreneurship

Diploma in Social Entrepreneurship


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  • Must be a continuous member throughout enrollment of: Entrepreneurs and Corporate Professionals Learning Community.
  • 500-words personal essay discussing professional goals
  • Proof of High School Diploma or Equivalent copy
  • Photo ID: (one of the following documents must be submitted)
    • Passport
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Social Entrepreneurship is an emerging and rapidly changing business field that examines the practice of identifying, starting and growing successful mission-driven for profit and nonprofit ventures, that is, organizations that strive to advance social change through innovative solutions.

For people new to social entrepreneurship, this course will provide an overview of the sector and its potential for change lives by changing systems. This course provides students with a knowledge and understanding of the principles of social entrepreneurship. Case studies are presented and students then apply this knowledge to an individual topic that forms the basis of their reports. This course is relevant to entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs that have a social, environmental or non profit focus.

Program Duration: 6 Months

Total Credits: 30 Credits

Complete 100% of program courses through online study

Required Courses

Course No Course Name Total Credits
SENT 100 Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship 3
SENT 101 Understanding a Social Problem 3
SENT 102 Who is a Social Entrepreneur 3
SENT 103 Social Innovation 3
SENT 201 Creating Opportunities worthy of Pursuit 1.5
SENT 210 How to Identify an Opportunity 1
BUS 250 The Business Model Canvas 1.5
SENT 212 Business Planning for Social Innovation 1
SENT 220 Social Impact Assessment 1
SENT 232 Measuring Social Impact 3
SENT 244 How to Market Social Products 3
SENT 249 Replication of Social Innovations 3
SENT 298 Develop your Growth and Replication Strategy 3